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Casting Kits
About Casting Kits

Casting Kits was born to share the fun and accomplishment of making your own keepsake sculpture. We noticed a huge gap in the market and families who were unable to access our studio services due to location, so Casting Kits decided to take the kits to the people!  The casting kit is a super fun project to do and a project you will always remember 

There are so many reasons to cast hands.  Hands are a symbol of age, hard work, have nurtured and hold many experiences and the future in them.

Creating a holding hands sculpture is such a fabulous and fun way to symbolize the excitement of an engagement, wedding or anniversary and represents a special moment in time

Capturing every fine detail, a Casting Kit will help you remember a milestone birthday, retirement  or a memorial of a loved one

A DIY casting Kit  is THE perfect present – especially for the person who has everything!

Couple hands ♥ Family hands ♥ Milestones ♥ Mother’s Day ♥ Father’s Day ♥ Anniversaries ♥ Memorial hands 

How it all begun

Casting Kits is a family orientated business delivering precious keepsakes to families. As a single income family, I had difficulty finding an affordable service when it was my time to choose quality keepsakes for my last baby daughter. This encouraged me to start a meaningful and enjoyable business from home that enabled me to spend more time with my young family. We are thrilled to be able to offer a warm, friendly and affordable service to all families so they too can cherish the memories of the most rewarding days of their lives.

It all began with capturing the beauty of a pregnant belly in the way of pregnancy belly casting. Due to customer demand we then expanded by creating high definition 3D hand and feet impressions of babies, children and loved ones that could be displayed and cherished. Over the past few years Casting Kits has been privileged to meet so many beautiful families and not only been given the opportunity to capture their precious memories, but have become their service of choice.

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