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Casting Kits
FAQ's about our DIY Casting Kits
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Australia, on the beautiful NSW Central Coast near Gosford. We make all our kits fresh and with a lot of love! We source all of our products from Australian businesses.
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  • How does it work?
    Our molding powder is quickly mixed with water which then turns into a thickish gel. You submerge your hands into the bucket of gel and it quickly starts to set to a firm consistency around your hands, perfectly capturing all the details of your skin, nails and your jewelry. The mold only takes approximately 2 minutes to set. Each hand is taken out of the mold one at a time. Taking the molds is a safe, quick, simple & fun experience which will capture the impressions of each family member. Children love this process. 3D keepsake sculptures and molds can be taken from the youngest of babies to the elderly and even your fur babies!.
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  • What products are used in the kit?
    Our casting gel is seaweed based, 100% non-toxic and is completely skin-safe, so it is fine to use on babies and delicate skin. We use the highest quality metallic paints, coupled with beautiful finishing waxes. Our most popular finishes include white, silver and gun metal grey. Our kits also include a very strong high grade fine casting stone. We do not use Plaster of Paris as it does not create the lasting finish required to preserve your keepsake. Step by step instructions are also included.
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  • Does casting our hands hurt?
    Not at all. Casting hands is a lot of fun! All materials that come in contact with your skin are completely non-toxic. The process itself is very gentle and quick.
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  • Will our hands get stuck in the mold?
    No, not at all. We use the highest quality molding powder which quickly sets to a soft rubbery consistency. It is even wiggle proof which makes taking the mold for your keepsake suitable for children of all ages.
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  • What else will I need with the kits?
    Depending on the kit type, we recommend having an electric mixing device like a Bamix with whisk attachement which you can pick up quite cheap from a homewares store. You must mix the moulding powder within a minute, you will need something electronic to do this. You will also need a mixing bowl or two, and scissors.
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  • Can we reuse the mould?
    One sculpture can only be created with the mould. Once the stone has set inside the mould, you will carefully remove the set gel from your sculpture to reveal your work of art
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  • Can I paint my sculpture?
    Yes, you sure can! The sculpture must be completely dry which may take up to a week in warmer weather
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  • What should we wear?
    Short sleeved clothing is best when casting hands. It is possible for moulding gel to get onto your clothes during the casting process so wear clothes that you don't mind getting gel on, the gel is quite hard to get out of clothing.
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  • Does the kit have an expiry?
    Yes, the kit as a shelf life of 18 months from purchase
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  • Can I get a refund?
    Due to the nature of this product, Casting Kits by Cast a Memory do not accept refunds or exchanges Casting Kits by Cast a Memory take no responsibility for sculptures that do not turn out due to user not following instructions
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  • I want my sculpture professionally finished
    Yes! We can do this for you. Simply post your sculpture back to us and we will sculpt, paint and wax to the colours of your choice. This services starts from $65 plus postage.
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